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The luxury retail market has many ways to boost their online sales through implementing the new eCommerce sales channel. These articles will help educate luxury retailers on how to use it!

Virtual Retail Sales Certification: 5 Reasons to Upskill Now

By Emily Leavitt / May 16, 2022

If you’re a luxury retail sales professional or even if you are a newcomer, you understand that the very foundation for a successful career in the industry is built on developing strong customer relationships.    This is because repeat customers…

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Empowering the Luxury Retail Sales Specialist

By Emily Leavitt / April 4, 2022

When I was growing up, the #1 evening television show was Cheers. Also popular were Knight Rider, The Facts of Life, Who’s The Boss, and Miami Vice. However, when you watched Cheers, you truly felt like every character could be…

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The Boardroom Versus the Sales Floor

By Emily Leavitt / March 14, 2022

Technology is always advancing. I’m sure many of us can remember when connecting to the internet meant also experiencing that awful, screeching dial-up noise that seemed to last long enough to grab a cup of coffee (and a toasted bagel,…

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Virtually Selling in the Metaverse

By Emily Leavitt / February 22, 2022

“Metaverse.” Just saying the word, simultaneously creates an atmosphere of wonder and a bit of confusion. It seems like everyone is talking and asking about the metaverse. It’s reminiscent of when the “Internet” emerged in the 1990s and everyone was…

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The Benefits of Virtual/Online Sales

By Emily Leavitt / February 18, 2022

There are two types of virtual sales opportunities: Virtual Experiences and Chat Box Communication. When companies employ trained sales specialists to sell in a virtual/online setting, the benefits are plentiful. Creating a positive virtual experience for online customers reaps big…

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What’s a Virtual In-Store Experience?

By Emily Leavitt / January 6, 2022

Luxury retailers understand that creating a strong customer-sales specialist relationship is the key to lasting success. Luxury retailers also understand that this important relationship weakens when a customer experiences a luxury website lacking in human and personalized elements. For instance,…

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Pivoting Chat Boxes to Boost Online Sales

By Emily Leavitt / January 3, 2022

When did the chat box become that annoying customer service representative that everyone furiously ignores or finds irritating? The chat box is such an amazing opportunity for retailers, especially for those who prefer to do their shopping online!  Luxury is…

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Upskilling Your Current Employees

By Emily Leavitt / December 29, 2021

As a luxury brand, you understand the eCommerce opportunity, however it is just overwhelming to think about updating your business model.  Your in-store model has worked for decades, margins are getting thinner, and your sales specialists are so talented in…

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The Value of Online Customer Retention

By Emily Leavitt / November 17, 2021

The luxury sales marketplace has outpaced their retail counterparts with customer relationship management. While other retailers struggle to learn about relationship marketing, upscale and luxury businesses have long been aware that building long-term relationships with clients is a mutually-beneficial endeavor.…

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Increasing Online Luxury Retailer’s Revenue with Customer Engagement

By Oliva Steele / November 17, 2021

Imagine for a moment that you’ve just walked into a luxury retail store. You are immediately greeted by a sales specialist who asks, “How can I help you today?” This is expected, because when you are buying luxury products or…

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