Building The New Virtual Workforce Of Retail

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Building The New Virtual Workforce Of Retail

Conversation Couture is landing on Talk Shop Live!

We are the proud company that has created the first virtual product ever sold in the live social-shopping network. Our online courses about how to make online shopping a true luxury experience are available now on Talk Shop Live.

It’s already time to announce the next show!

The Art of Listening

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Conversation Couture has developed Virtual Retail Sales Certification Programs for luxury retail brands and sales specialists that parallels the in-person luxury shopping experience and unlocks the full potential for virtual sales.  This opens up a new sales channel opportunity in the luxury brand eCommerce space. 

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Traditional VS. Luxury Level Online Sales

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Virtual Retail Sales Training Brand Customization

Conversation Couture understands that some luxury brands or small businesses will want customized training to suit their specific brand processes.  Therefore, we are able to customize our worksheet activities and quizzes to the brand's requirements.

We understand the value of developing the in-store sales associate - customer relationship and is key to turning a sale and generating customer retention, especially within luxury brands. By creating a similar relationship online, the sales associate is able to cultivate and retain that customer for future sales.

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What is your eCommerce Position?

Conversation Couture understands that not all companies will be in the same virtual place. Therefore, we have outlined 3 unique scenarios to provide clients with a general profile of where they currently are on the virtual landscape, starting from an informational website to a full virtual engagement with customers. This is a great starting point toward developing the maximum sales potential that a full virtual experience offering can bring to your luxury brand and customers.


Schedule a 15-Minute Call with an Advisor

Schedule a 15-minute conversation with one of our incredible luxury retail education advisors! We will discuss your online goals and outline specific courses in our Online Learning Center to help you reach those goals. 

-Olivia & Emily 

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