Creating a tailored online customer experience

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Creating a tailored online customer experience

What We Do

About Conversation Couture

Conversation Couture has developed a new sales channel opportunity in the luxury brand eCommerce space. We train retail sales associates and managers how to offer and maximize their in-store experience virtually to boost sales without sacrificing the expected high quality of customer service with a focus on brand consistency.


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What is your eCommerce Position?

Conversation Couture understands that not all companies will be in the same virtual place. Therefore we have identified 3 unique scenarios to provide clients with a general outline on where they currently are virtually. This is a great starting point to start the progression of bringing a full virtual experience to its full potential.

Creating a tailored online customer experience

Conversation Couture offers multiple ways to develop sales associates and managers to increase sales in a virtual environment.


Get a free 15 minute call with Olivia

We offer a free 15-minute conversation with Olivia Steele, President of Conversation Couture, to help you identify your company training needs.

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