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With Olivia, the CEO and President of Conversation Couture


Olivia will meet virtually to discuss the most strategic virtual service offerings which will be key to increasing sales. Conversation Couture understands each company is at a different stage of online development and will tailor a plan to meet your specific goals. 

Upon booking your session, you will receive an intake form for Olivia to understand what your current ecommerce position is and where you want to take it. In your 60-minute conversation, Olivia will provide expert advice to help you determine what virtual offerings would be beneficial to implement, expand, and/or change.  

At the end of the conversation, Olivia will highlight current actionable items as well as guide you on next steps to drive more sales online.

virtual service offerings
virtual service offerings


Your company’s virtual experience is exhibited on your website, and knowing where to begin to improve it is the hardest part. This solution is ideal for those wanting to test out what small changes can make a huge difference for your customers’ experience online with you.

This solution will give you:

  • Video call (up to 30 min.) with Olivia.  It is important to us to get to know what your in-store process is like when providing action items for your website.
  • A dive into your company’s website for review.  Olivia will review your website and, based on what she learned in your video call, will offer recommendations of items that can be added and/or changed.
  • 3 priority action items to implement immediately.

With an array of webinar courses to help move your luxury company to the next virtual level, the Online Learning Center is perfect for a company that wants to drive more online sales or a retail sales associate that is looking to upskill.  

Our online learning center offers the following benefits:

  • Individual courses start at $99
  • Content delivered in multiple, short pre-recorded videos
  • Engaging activities, worksheets, and quizzes
  • Work at your own pace, on your own schedule

We offer courses in the following areas:

  • Virtual In-Store Customer Experience
  • Store and Customer setup
  • Foundation Essentials
  • And Much More!
virtual service offerings
virtual service offerings

Couture Conversations Podcast

Check out the Couture Conversations Podcast!  Olivia, the Conversation Couture CEO, discusses the truth about what it takes to create that luxury customer experience.  She discusses innovative and strategic ways to engage customers not just in store, but virtually.

We bring in industry experts will share their own raw and unfiltered experiences. You’ll leave each episode with tips, tricks, and actionable items to implement that will help drive your own success in the luxury retail industry. 

Free Information Session


Get a free 15-Minute Call with Olivia

Schedule a free 15-minute conversation with Olivia Steele, President of Conversation Couture. Olivia will discuss your online goals and outline specific courses in our Online Learning Center to help you reach those goals.  She will also discuss any virtual service offerings that is of interest to you as well.