Virtual Sales Training for Luxury Retail

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About Conversation Couture

Conversation Couture is an E-learning company that focuses on training luxury retail sales associates and their managers on how to drive sales in a virtual environment.  We offer the only certification training programs in virtual experiences and chat box communications.

The Luxury Retailer's Challenge

When a customer walks into a luxury retail store, the sales associate needs to create a positive experience to advance a sale. With an average of only 20% - 25% of luxury brand sales currently conducted online and with the projection of 50% by 2030,  stores must develop tools for engaging high-end customers in online experiences. This not only will benefit with an increase of sales, but will ensure the luxury brand remains relevant in the eCommerce space.


The Conversation Couture's Solution

Conversation Couture understands that moving to an eCommerce space in the luxury brand market can be challenging, particularly with maintaining the customer relationship and brand consistency. Therefore, we offer certified training programs for existing retail sales associates and managers to drive more sales within a virtual shopping experience that will maintain your company and brand goals when engaging with a customer.

This makes the online experience seamless to the in-store experience. Check out our Offerings and head over to our Online Learning Center to review the courses available to you now!


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Olivia Steele



As the President and CEO of Conversation Couture, Olivia Steele is responsible for running all facets of the business. Previously, Olivia served as an Online Enrollment Counseling Manager with eCornell, where she led the design and implementation of the live Q&A virtual information sessions, successfully ran the online chat team, and various other projects to increase sales through a virtual platform. She has over 10 years of experience in the fashion retail industry, with a combination of corporate online merchandising and buying as well as in-store sales. In addition, Olivia has over 5 years of experience in the eLearning industry. This unique skill set combination provides Conversation Couture a leader who understands the luxury retail industry and target markets.

Olivia has a certificate in Women in Leadership, a Master certificate of Human Resource Management, and certificate in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University. She holds a certification from the HCI as a Strategic Human Resource Business Partner. Olivia has earned a BS in Fashion Merchandising from Kent State. She is fluent in Italian, loves to cook, and is a true optimist. 

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Emily Leavitt



With over 20 years of business experience, Emily is a cross-functionally focused business communicator and leader in creating and implementing business plans and economic models. She has worked in business operations in corporate America, has owned two companies, and has received Woman of the Year from the National Association of Professional Women. She has mentored many entrepreneurs to help launch new business ventures, and is always looking for new emerging markets. Emily has a BS in Technical Communications from Clarkson University and a MBA from Northeastern University. Emily serves on the board of directors of Open Arms Ukraine, an international non profit company, and Health Metrics, LLC.

In addition to her position at Conversation Couture, she is an Adjunct Business Professor at Dallas College, training entrepreneurship to the next generation. Emily lives in north Dallas with her husband and three children.  

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Lorena Gasca

Project Manager

Lorena Gasca has a BS in Computer Engineering from ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México) in Mexico City.  She worked as an IT contractor for over 8 years for AAFES Retail Company working on the Human Resources systems, where she created and analyzed employee reports.  Lorena is great with time management, data analisis, and is detail oriented. After taking a break to take care of her family, she worked in customer service providing timely, attentive, upbeat service to customers making sure their needs are met. 

As the Project Manager of Conversation Couture, Lorena is responsible for the planning and overseeing all aspects of projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion, within budget, assign responsibilities, and monitor and summarize project reports.  Born and raised in Mexico City, Lorena takes the lead to offer Conversation Couture programs and services in Spanish.


Gabriela Mota

Sales Manager

Coming fresh from Sao Paulo, Brasil, Gabriela's passion for fashion and luxury started when she was 7 and used to help her grandmother draw and sew clothes. After graduating with a Fashion Business degree in Sao Paulo and Mexico City, Gabriela started a rich and diverse career in fashion.

Working in curatorship in the second-hand market, in marketing and operations for multi-national brands as well as in sales for local Brazilian startups, she acquired a strong experience she then used during her time at the Paris Fashion Week. 
Now located in Geneva, Switzerland, she joined Conversation Couture as a Sales Manager to support the education and certification of luxury brands and individuals in virtual experiences.
Gabriela is passionate about traveling, discovering new cultures and finding hidden local brands in each country she visits.
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Kendal Northrop

Business Development

Kendal grew up moving every three to four years since she was born.  Starting in Oklahoma, then moving to Texas, Alaska, Indonesia, back to Texas, Norway, Colorado, Spain and back to Alaska! It was in Jakarta, Indonesia where the spark for fashion and luxury began.  She graduated from the International School of Stavanger in Norway with an International Baccalaureate diploma.  Then she spent one year at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO pursuing a psychology degree, participating in her sorority- Alpha Phi, and enjoying nature.  Kendal soon came to realize that she was missing her passion for fashion and luxury, so she went back to Europe and graduated at the Global Business School of Barcelona with a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration with an emphasis on Fashion and Luxury and Digital Innovation.

Kendal is currently in Anchorage, Alaska and is always excited for her next journey. She is eager to provide others with enriched experiences in the luxury industry and use her knowledge to their advantage!

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Gaëtane Gomes

Business Development

Gaëtane has 20+ years of experience in consumer luxury industries between Paris and New York City. She has worked with various luxury brands including Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Stella McCartney. 
Gaëtane has traveled to more than 25 countries and is currently learning a fourth language. She carries her dynamic multi-cultural heritage and lived experiences overseas into her thinking and how she approaches conversations with others. She received her Master's in Global Communications at the American University of Paris in 2010. Gaëtane lives in Atlanta with her husband and their beloved pets, and inseparable cat-dog duo, Sloane and Angus.

Sara Bonazzi

Business Development

Sara was born in Bologna to a family of entrepreneurs, running at the same time a luxury boutique and a technology company. This is where her interest in fashion and its digital opportunities started.

Vegetarian since a very young age, she has a profound passion for sustainability, vegan beauty and ethical fashion. To her, luxury means delivering innovation and inspiring a positive change. 

She graduated from the University of Bologna, with a master degree in Fashion Communication and Management. In the same period, she trained in the foundations of tailoring and received a certification in Fashion Design and Illustration. She has been working as brand manager for Kering group for ten years, in particular for Stella McCartney. After that period, she decided to work independently as social media and ecommerce advisor.

She regularly hosts people in her apartment in Bologna. This experience has helped her in developing further her ability to anticipate customers wishes and to help them in creating beautiful memories.Sara practices yoga daily, she loves laughing, listening to music and dancing barefoot.


Jessica Choy

Business Development

Having worked in the luxury retail industry in roles with brand-customer relationships in the forefront for over 8 years, Jessica is an expert in this space. 

Prior to joining Conversation Couture, she led the multi-channel customer experience for beauty brands such as Kiehl’s under the L’Oreal group and Aesop, in the Philippines - with responsibilities that span from customer service, CRM, loyalty marketing to retail sales and operations. She also has experience in UI UX project management in the L’Oreal Tech Incubator in France for a beauty tech device for Lancome. 

She is an MBA Fashion Business graduate from IFA Paris, and has worked in Europe and Asia for multinational companies and start-ups. Currently, Jessica is also the co-founder and creative director of APARA, a small-batch e-commerce clothing brand. 

Jessica now lives in the Philippines and, when she’s not working, devotes her time to learning. She advocates for mindfulness in her everyday life.

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Farah Merhy

Business Development

Farah is a highly accomplished and award-winning architect with over a decade of experience in designing and overseeing the construction of large-scale projects throughout the Middle East. Her expertise in the field is matched by her exceptional ability as a business developer, and she boasts a wide network of connections in the MENA region, Africa, and Greece. Throughout her career, Farah has demonstrated an impressive track record of closing deals worth millions of dollars, with a particular emphasis on deals valued at over $20 million. 

Moving forward with her career, she has established her own startup of luxury watches combined with NFT digitisations to provide the authentication of physical luxury items that provides authentication and ownership. 

Currently located in Dubai, the city of luxury, Farah became part of Conversation Couture as she believes its added value on the market of the GCC and the Middle East.