The Benefits of Virtual/Online Sales

By Emily Leavitt

February 18, 2022

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There are two types of virtual sales opportunities: Virtual Experiences and Chat Box Communication. When companies employ trained sales specialists to sell in a virtual/online setting, the benefits are plentiful. Creating a positive virtual experience for online customers reaps big benefits for both the company and the sales specialist. 

Before we start listing the benefits, we must call out the most amazing benefit of all: the endless customer reach! Offering a virtual sales channel not only creates a new revenue stream for your business, but it also improves customer retention. Retention is critical for building a lasting relationship with clients and their network. Let’s take a look at the benefits of virtual selling in a bit more detail.


Customer Retention Is a Catalyst to Greater Online Sales

How does a company or a sales specialist that enjoys a wonderful relationship with a customer react when that customer physically moves away? What does a company do? How can a company retain that customer? An upskilled sales specialist can maintain that customer relationship by offering a virtual experience! In fact, well-trained virtual sales specialists not only have the opportunity to retain that customer, but they can also gain new business through the customer’s network. 


Amplify Your Skills for Enhanced Customer Experiences

It is indeed the upskilled sales specialist – one that commits to sales training and building strong selling skills for the virtual/online setting – that will elevate every customer experience.  


Increase Online Sales

The goal for every company is to drive sales. By introducing virtual selling, companies create an opportunity to dramatically boost online sales. This article, by Neal Patel, states that by just adding a live sales specialist instead of a customer service representative to a virtual channel, will increase online sales by 30%. That’s huge! Now, imagine if your company also included virtual experiences. The opportunities for online sales growth are endless. 


Build Your Professional Network

All companies and all sales specialists need to continuously build and grow their professional networks. Virtual selling can grow world-wide networks. For example, a sales specialist who works in-store with a customer who is on vacation or away on a business trip, can still provide service to the customer by offering a virtual experience.  


Decrease Abandoned Shopping Carts

Did you know that on average, approximately 69.80% of customers are abandoning shopping carts? At Conversation Couture, we believe this is unacceptably high. Imagine if you could convert those shopping carts into sales. This becomes possible with a live, upskilled sales specialist working the chat box to answer questions. The sales specialist is able to chat with a customer, provide real-time service, and convert the sale. 


Increase Sales Commissions

Luxury sales specialists usually achieve most of their compensation via sales commissions. Offering sales specialists two new sales channels, creates a huge opportunity to increase sales commissions!  


How Conversation Couture Will Help

Conversation Couture understands that moving to an e-commerce space in the luxury retail market can seem daunting at first. It can be challenging to maintain customer relationships and brand consistency. That is why we offer a customized training solution for existing sales associates and managers that is designed, tested, and proven to drive greater sales, improve customer engagement, and sustain brand loyalty within a virtual shopping experience. Yes, it can be taught! 

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