Virtual Retail Sales Certification: 5 Reasons to Upskill Now

By Emily Leavitt

May 16, 2022

Virtual Retail Sales Certification

If you’re a luxury retail sales professional or even if you are a newcomer, you understand that the very foundation for a successful career in the industry is built on developing strong customer relationships. 


This is because repeat customers contribute to approximately 70% of luxury retail sales. 


Kudos to luxury retailers for their brilliant customer focus and for creating emotional connections that drive big sales! In the current luxury retail sales environment, a sales specialist is valued by their book of contacts, years of experience, and sales. Until recently, there was no way for retail sales specialists to upskill their value for their customers and brand, until now


To be clear, there is a difference between a certificate and certification. A certificate is a document that is proof of an educational qualification. However, a certification is the process for gaining professional credentials. For example, in the finance industry, a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is an earned credential that tells customers and clients that they are speaking with an expert in the finance field.


Many organizations will hire new people and invest in these certifications to ensure their employees will be held in high regard with clients. Successful organizations often invest in the development of their staff because it’s what specific industries demand in order to stay at the top of their game. For the first time, Conversation Couture is offering credentialing for retail sales professionals. While there are many reasons to pursue a Virtual Retail Sales Certification, here are the top five:


Expand Knowledge and Skills

Everyone wants to remain relevant in the ever changing world of luxury retail. Which brand is on top? What brands are people wearing? Which brands are most popular? In addition to reading daily publications like Business of Fashion and Luxury Daily, luxury sales specialists need to have a pathway to expanded knowledge and skills. Conversation Couture is the first company to offer this type of upskilling opportunity that will not only increase one’s knowledge of selling products and services, but also provide new skills to sell in a virtual environment.


Enhanced Credibility and Trust

Virtual experiences and the use of the chat box as sales channels are new to the luxury retail industry. The addition of a certification mark in your email signature, on a resume, or more generally, as a brand, highlights your credibility and expertise so that clients can trust you to create an amazing customer experience for them not only in-store, but virtually, as well. When speaking with customers in-store, they will appreciate knowing that you have the skill and breadth to assist them in a virtual environment, too. 


Increase Confidence

Taking a closer look into the retail sales specialist-customer relationship, it is apparent that repeat customers have confidence in and rely on their retail specialists’ expertise – either for product information, store information, or any upcoming special events. A virtual retail sales certification provides both customers and sales specialists with added confidence that they are both going to have a successful and satisfying virtual experience.


Augment Career Opportunities

A career in luxury retail sales is global in scope, so learning how to effectively sell in a virtual environment offers a wider path for sales specialists, making them more marketable and valuable to current and future employers. In addition, brands that become Conversation Couture Certified will have the edge in luxury virtual sales as they become more marketable to international customers. Conversation Couture Certification becomes a way to expand a sales network well beyond one physical store and the customers who walk into it.


Increase Commission

Everyone likes a way to make more money and Conversation Couture’s virtual retail sales certification provides an opportunity for luxury retail sales specialists to maximize the expansive virtual sales channel and make more commission. And what a win-win for brands as well!  Simply by upskilling their current employees with the certification training, brands can expand their reach and create a major boost in online sales.


How Conversation Couture Will Help

Conversation Couture understands that moving to an e-commerce space in the luxury retail market can seem daunting at first. Indeed, it’s challenging to maintain customer relationships and brand consistency. That is why we offer certification training programs for existing sales associates and managers that are designed, tested, and proven to drive greater sales, improve customer engagement, and sustain brand loyalty within a virtual shopping experience. Yes, it can be taught! 

Check out our Offerings and head over to our Online Learning Center to review the courses available to you now!