Virtually Selling in the Metaverse

By Emily Leavitt

February 22, 2022

Virtually selling in the Metaverse

“Metaverse.” Just saying the word, simultaneously creates an atmosphere of wonder and a bit of confusion. It seems like everyone is talking and asking about the metaverse. It’s reminiscent of when the “Internet” emerged in the 1990s and everyone was fascinated and eager to see if Internet Explorer, Netscape, or this other strange word, “Google,” were going to be a “thing.” Okay, I realize I’m dating myself; but hear me out. The reality is that knowing where we, as a digital community, have come from helps provide perspective and insight into how we might respond to changes in technology in the future. I distinctly remember that some savvy entrepreneurs seized the changes and even shaped where technology is today. Others took the risk, and maybe failed, hopefully to learn lessons to apply to their next big venture. And, there were others who waited and watched. 


When a new type of technology hits the market, it creates an amazing entrepreneurial spark in the business world with many companies popping up and offering varying approaches and benefits to consumers. For example, not too many people were thinking that live streaming would even be an industry sector twenty years ago! But, with TikTok, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, etc., live streaming has become part of our culture. In fact, U.S. live streaming companies, such as Firework, are making their mark in the industry. With total 2021 live stream e-commerce reaching $432B (yes, billion!) in China, we know there are huge untapped opportunities in America.


Conversation Couture is all about training sales specialists to effectively sell in a virtual setting. Note: it’s a learned skill. We are proud to be the first company offering certified training in Virtual Experiences and Chat Box Communications. A virtual experience can be one-on-one, or one-on-many clients (many people like to shop together!). It can be done via a Zoom call, Google Meet, live stream, or whatever technology your company prefers.


According to Publicis Sapient, “Despite the rise of e-commerce activity, the online buying experience remains pretty underwhelming. Although brands have made significant gains in addressing consumer demands for fast, convenient, and anywhere/anytime commerce, few have managed to deliver online experiences that truly delight the consumer.”


Technology, though often groundbreaking, often hampers the customer experience. The key to creating a positive customer experience that actually drives sales, is using technology to make personal touches. And, there is so much potential for this in the metaverse. Through our work with countless retail clients, the number one area for business improvement that we routinely observe is the under-utilization of the technology they already own. Read that last sentence again. The simple “fix” is training; not necessarily on the technology itself, because over the past few years, most of us have become comfortable, or at least familiar, with many new and different platforms and technology. The real training needed is on how to sell using the technology.


Retailers do not yet know how to successfully sell using their existing technology. Want proof? Go to a retailer’s website that offers online experiences or sessions. You’ll see that every single time slot is available!  Why aren’t the sales specialists taking advantage of this channel? Without proper training, the sales associate will rely on their in-store selling skills, which is completely different from selling virtually.


Now, enter the metaverse. Yet another technology that retailers are scrambling to figure out and use. The metaverse has a lot of upside and so much potential value to both retailer and consumer. We at Conversation Couture, truly hope that it doesn’t become just another underutilized technology that companies race off to implement without providing training that upskills their employees on how to successfully sell using the technology.  


How Conversation Couture Will Help

Conversation Couture understands that moving to an e-commerce space in the luxury retail market can seem daunting at first. Indeed, it’s challenging to maintain customer relationships and brand consistency. That is why we offer a customized training solution for existing sales associates and managers that is designed, tested, and proven to drive greater sales, improve customer engagement, and sustain brand loyalty within a virtual shopping experience. Yes, it can be taught! 

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