Conversation Couture’s Founders Featured in Modern Luxury Magazine

By Emily Leavitt

November 2, 2021

Conversation Couture’s Founders Featured in Modern Luxury Magazine

This article was published in the Modern Luxury September issue.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, sisters Olivia Steele and Emily Leavitt know first-hand what it takes to develop a business. The idea for Conversation Couture originated with CEO Olivia’s own experience shopping online for luxury goods, which she found lacked the customer assistance and personal attention offered in-store by the same brands. The sisters were inspired to develop a resource for online training as well as customized training services, aimed at enabling luxury retailers to maintain brand consistency and improve online sales performance by providing individualized, high-end service to their customers in a virtual environment. “It’s gratifying to help our clients expand their sales while staying relevant in the online space. To witness the moment when they see the potential for online sales is infectious,’’ Olivia remarked.

Being a women-owned and operated company, they are highly conscious of supporting other women in their field and have intentionally prioritized this. Internally, they offer flexible work hours that fit busy women’s schedules, as well as a creative environment that values women’s unique perspectives and ideas. Externally, they actively invest in and seek partnerships with other female-owned companies, promoting mutually beneficial relationships with similarly driven businesswomen.

Innovative ideas and hard work are paying off. This month, Conversation Couture will be a finalist at the Smart Tech Retail Expo in Las Vegas, earning recognition as a company breaking boundaries in smart retail space. Next? Couture Conversations, a podcast series sharing behind-the-scenes insights from luxury industry insiders and discussing what it takes to be successful in high-end retail, where consumer expectation is high and competition is cutthroat.

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