Upskilling Your Current Employees

By Emily Leavitt

December 29, 2021

Upskilling Your Current Employees

As a luxury brand, you understand the eCommerce opportunity, however it is just overwhelming to think about updating your business model.  Your in-store model has worked for decades, margins are getting thinner, and your sales specialists are so talented in what they do!  However, this eCommerce opportunity is just wide open in the luxury market, and the thought of increasing your online sales is exciting to your bottom line. 

The easiest and cheapest way to move forward is to upskill your current sales specialists and managers on how to pivot your chat box to a sales channel and introduce in-store virtual experiences to your existing customers.  This offers your customers a new and exciting way to see your company!


Upskilling by the Numbers

Price Waterhouse Cooper just published a research document focused on the power of upskilling your employees.  By giving your current luxury sales specialists and managers the opportunity to grow, like training them to use the new eCommerce sales channel, the company will boost online sales and have an overall positive impact. 

Here are just a few highlights from their annual CEO survey:

  • 60% of CEOs say a strong upskilling program positively impacts their company culture.
  • Easier and cheaper to address skills gaps in your company by training your current employees, rather than going out and hiring new ones.
  • Keeps your workforce up to date on industry trends, allowing them to offer the best recommendations and insights to clients and prospects.
  • One step ahead of your competitors and more likely to retain your top talent.

This is just a win-win situation.  Your employees enjoy their work with a renewed sense of purpose, increase their loyalty, productivity, and retention, and builds community.  All at the same time your bottom line is increasing.  


How Conversation Couture Will Help

Conversation Couture understands that moving to an e-commerce space in the luxury retail market can seem daunting at first. Indeed, it’s challenging to maintain customer relationships and brand consistency. That is why we offer a customized training solution for existing sales associates and managers that is designed, tested and proven to drive greater sales, improve customer engagement, and sustain brand loyalty within a virtual shopping experience. Yes, it can be taught! 

Check out our  Offerings and head over to our Online Learning Center to review the courses available to you now!