Creating a tailored online customer experience

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Tailored In-Person Training - for groups of 3 or more

The tailored in-person training is ideal for luxury brand companies that are looking to expand into their new eCommerce sales channel. Conversation couture will train your staff by offering hands on learning, engaging discussions, with a customized experience. The 4-step tailored in-person training includes:
  1. Initial Analysis of Your Company
  2. Creating the Tailored In-Person Training
  3. Delivering In-Person Training
  4. Review with KPIs

Conversation Couture has created an online learning center, full of webinar courses to help move your luxury company to the next virtual level. 


We offer courses in the following areas:

  • Virtual In-Store Customer Experience
  • Store and Customer setup
  • Foundation Essentials
  • And Much More!
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Initial Analysis of Your Company

It is key that Conversation Couture understands your brand and what makes your company unique. Therefore, Conversation Couture will do an initial analysis of the company. This includes the president, Olivia Steele, meeting with the designated stakeholders of the company to do the following:
  • Get a full understanding of the company culture.

  • What the current sales process is for the in-store employee.

  • Overview of the training sales associates are given upon hiring.

  • Materials they use to be successful in their role.

Creating the Tailored In-Person Training

Conversation Couture will create a tailored training course to ensure your online customer receives the same brand experience as they would if they were shopping in your store. The Conversation Couture training team will use all the information gathered in the initial analysis to create the training with the company's brand, image and goals in mind.

Delivering In-Person Training

Conversation Couture has many options to deliver the in-person training for existing sales associates and managers.  We understand that each client’s schedule is not the same, therefore Conversation Couture will break up the training into any number desired sessions that suits our clients’ needs. 

  • One hour sessions

  • Half day sessions

  • Full day sessions

Conversation Couture - Delivering In-Person Training Options
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Review with KPIs

Conversation Couture understands our client's need to ensure the training is a success. Putting the training into practice, getting reviewed and continually working on the skill development is key to the success of sales associates. Conversation Couture has developed a custom KPI weekly review process that will showcase the skills being used well and the opportunities for improvement for each individual virtual sales associate. 


Get a free 15 minute call with Olivia

We offer a free 15-minute conversation with Olivia Steele, President of Conversation Couture, to help you identify your company training needs.

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