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Nonverbal communication will play an important role in your virtual experience, and this webinar will help you understand how your actions and even posture will be essential.  The subscription will give you access to the course for 3 years.

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Most of your communication is nonverbal: the tone of your voice, how you dress, and what surrounds you.  This course will challenge you to identify how you currently use your nonverbal communication and guide you on how to use your nonverbal communication to drive a virtual sale.  Incorporating your personal style and being able to “read” your customer will not only help drive the virtual sale but will help you with your in-store customers as well.

The Nonverbal Communications Webinar includes:

  • 8 lessons with Emily, COO and CFO of Conversation Couture
  • Worksheet Activity
  • Video Activity
  • A short true/false quiz 
  • Available in English and Spanish

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