Virtual Selling Tools

Luxury retailers have tools available to help create that online customer experience their customers expect from their brands. These articles outlines the opportunities.

The Benefits of Virtual/Online Sales

By Emily Leavitt / February 18, 2022

There are two types of virtual sales opportunities: Virtual Experiences and Chat Box Communication. When companies employ trained sales specialists to sell in a virtual/online setting, the benefits are plentiful. Creating a positive virtual experience for online customers reaps big…

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Pivoting Chat Boxes to Boost Online Sales

By Emily Leavitt / January 3, 2022

When did the chat box become that annoying customer service representative that everyone furiously ignores or finds irritating? The chat box is such an amazing opportunity for retailers, especially for those who prefer to do their shopping online!  Luxury is…

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Upskilling Your Current Employees

By Emily Leavitt / December 29, 2021

As a luxury brand, you understand the eCommerce opportunity, however it is just overwhelming to think about updating your business model.  Your in-store model has worked for decades, margins are getting thinner, and your sales specialists are so talented in…

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